STO Roadmap

Providing you with actionable next steps for; Branding, Tech Development, Community Management, Marketing / PR & Investor Relations.


Investor Relations

We provide capital introductions to (angels, VCs and funding syndicates) and get your project in front of investors who fit your niche.


Crypto Niche Marketing / PR

Through rigorous data testing we identify who your audience is, where they live online and how best to reach them. This includes which PR and media channels to market through and which forums, bio websites and exchanges to advertise on.


Social Bounty Programs

We leverage bounties and affiliate marketing to increase buzz and attract early prospective users through our conversion funnels in the pre-sale and public sale.


Community Management

24/7 management of communities across various channels
(Bitcoin Talk, Discord, Slack, and others)

community management image

AML / KYC compliance

Our in house KYC and AML compliance services serve funders buying into your STO / ICO in crypto and fiat anywhere in the world. We can ensure compliance with any geographic location.


Features Roadmap

We use finely tuned data to drive marketing decisions and create a roadmap forward.

Use Case / Smart contract framework
STO website and token sale platform
White Paper
KYC/AML Integration
Smart Contract
Split Test of Marketing Materials (Target Audience Defined)
Marketing / PR
Airdrop Promo / Social Bounty tokens
Investor Introduction / Instituional Level Marketing
Private Sale (convertible notes)
Security Token Sale

Exchange Listings

Getting featured on premium listings is essential to the success of any ICO. RocketCube has access to key players in the space and will get your project featured on premium exchanges.


Post ICO

Our post ICO team partners with you to scale your businesses, focusing on user growth, product development and operational best practices.

Our Clients


Over-The-Counter (OTC)

RocketCube helps investors move money from traditional fiat currency into cryptocurrency and vice versa, via secure, private transactions facilitated through flexible customized distribution channels.  By working with us you can painlessly transact large sums of money in and out of cryptocurrency

OTC Benefits

• Ability to trade larger blocks without moving the market price.
• Lower transaction fees than exchanges
• Discreet private sale

Institutional demand for cryptocurrency is on the rise, as more investors look to capitalize on the blockchain revolution. UHNW investors or Family Offices who feel a sense of urgency should act now while the market is still expanding at an extremely rapid rate.


Snowfox Technologies

White label tech solutions for blockchain start-ups
Accept payments in 70+ cryptocurrencies, credit cards and fiat with KYC/AML checks and bullet-proof security.

Direct Blockchain

Connecting the right projects with the right investors.
For your business development & marketing needs,
we can help you bring your dreams into the marketplace.